Drikker kaffe

Happy with your worklife?

Happy with you worklife?

If not, I offer coaching conversations about your preferred work-life and challenges that may stand in its way.

Perhaps there is a side to you, that you are not really happy about. Insecurity, always doing too much, hesitation in decision making? Perhaps you experience situations where you feel blocked or without space for action. Perhaps you need support in transitioning to a new phase of your career. Or perhaps you have a new idea or a dream that has been growing for some time, and that you would like to give it some more space.

My narrative coaching conversations open up new ways to tackle the challenges of work-life - and make changes happen. 

In our conversations, we take a close look at the problems you face, and we map out which values ​​are important to you and how you can take the first steps towards your ideal working life.

I do personal conversations over the phone or Zoom. 

Are you ready? Then write to me to book a 30 minutes free call, where we talk more about how I can help you. 


"My narrative coaching method helps you look at challenges and dreams in a new way - a way that opens up opportunities for action"