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The Breakthrough Scholar  

Group coaching for mid-career, female academics who want to shift their mindset

The breakthrough scholar: The woman-centered way from stuck to unstoppable 

Do you want to feel... 

  • Liberated from old patterns that are keeping you stuck.

  • Happy about your academic work and excited about your research impact. 

  • Empowered to manage your workload efficiently, prioritizing tasks that align with your research profile and mission.

  • Confident in your unique expertise and ability to make the change you want to see in the world. 

  • Valued, with a clearer understanding of your unique contributions and knowing how to highlight them.

  • Effective in communicating your work's value, gaining recognition and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Supported by a network of like-minded female academics, reducing feelings of isolation.

What is 'the breakthrough scholar' all about?​

Have you ever tried to change the way you work? Or change how you feel about your work? Yet, you keep being stuck in the same unproductive patterns? Patterns of overwork, invisibility, or feeling that you are not enough, don’t know enough, or don’t have enough time to do #allthethings. This program is for female academics, who want to create a career on their terms. It is all about aligning your work with your gifts, talents, and mission to create a career and research impact that is unique to you and builds on all the experience you already have. In this group coaching program, you will learn to create change in a way that sticks by following a proven process of breaking through the inner barriers that keep you stuck and establishing a growth path that is uniquely your own. The people who get ahead in academia, are not those who are more talented or work harder, it is the people with the right mindset, resources, and support to step into their brilliant, breakthrough work. This program is focused on providing a women-centered, direct path to mentoring, peer support, and a community of like-minded, brilliant, and imperfect women like yourself.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for female academics, who want to make lasting changes to the way they work, their mindsets, and their careers so that academia feels better and is more enjoyable. It picks up where “Big Careers without Tears” ends. Together we seek to create more sustained change and empowerment to achieve breakthrough careers. 

Description of group coaching program

In my coaching of female academics, I have discovered that there is one simple but powerful mindset shift that you can make to leap into greater possibilities and whatever is calling you to play bigger. This is exactly what I will show you in 'the breakthrough scholar' program and I'll guide you step-by-step through this process of breakthrough unproductive patterns that are keeping you stuck so you can leap into your most confident, productive, and enjoyable academic life. 

The 9-week coaching program is for mid-career, female academics who want to get breakthrough results in their ways of working in a very short amount of time.


This is what you get as a 'breakthrough scholar'

Breakthrough unproductive patterns: 

Learn to identify and break free from the cycles of overwork, invisibility, and feelings of inadequacy that currently hinder your progress. This program offers strategies to overcome these patterns, facilitating a more productive and fulfilling work life.


Align your work with personal strengths:

The program emphasizes aligning your work with your unique zone of genius and mission, enabling you to create a career that not only showcases you but also feels deeply satisfying and impactful.


Develop a growth mindset:

You will be guided to adopt a better mindset for success in academia. This includes viewing yourself as capable and deserving of your current and future achievements.


Access to tailored support:

The program provides a direct path to coaching, peer support, and a community of like-minded female, mid-career academics. This network of support is crucial for you to navigate the complexities of your career with confidence and to find solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Create sustainable change:

By focusing on both practical changes in work practices and shifts in mindset, you will learn to implement changes that are not only effective in the short term but also sustainable, leading to long-term career satisfaction and success.


Empowerment to achieve breakthrough careers:

The program is designed to empower participants like you to achieve breakthroughs in your careers. This means moving beyond simply surviving in academia to thriving, leading, and making significant contributions to your fields.


Focused on mid-career female academics:

Tailored specifically for mid-career female academics, the program addresses the unique challenges and opportunities you face at this stage in your career, ensuring that the content is highly relevant and immediately applicable.


Step-by-Step guidance:

You will receive step-by-step guidance through the process of overcoming inner barriers and establishing a growth path, ensuring you have a clear roadmap to follow towards your most confident, productive, and enjoyable academic life.


Enhanced visibility and networking:

Through strategies on communication, visibility, and networking, you will learn to effectively promote your work, build valuable connections, and create your own opportunities for collaboration and advancement.


Mindset shift for greater possibilities:

The program promises to reveal and cultivate a simple but powerful mindset shift that opens the door to greater possibilities, encouraging you to play bigger and embrace whatever is calling you to expand your influence and impact.

The Breakthrough Scholar: 5 modules

The features of "The breakthrough scholar" group coaching program

The course runs for 9 weeks and includes five modules. The weekly group coaching calls are on Wednesdays at 15:00 CEST and every second week there is an additional drop-in coaching session at 9:00 CEST. All coaching calls and bonus sessions are recorded, and you get access to the recordings via the program's community website. 

Group coaching sessions: 

Live group coaching: We meet on Wednesday afternoon for a live group session which will take you through the step-by-step process to lasting and breakthrough change. This session is 90 minutes and includes a workbook. If you can't make it to the LIVE session, it will be recorded and shared instantly on the community website together with the workbook. This means that you can watch it in your own time and when it suits you. 

Drop-in coaching: The following Wednesday you can join one of two 60-minute drop-in coaching sessions. In the morning at 9:00 CEST/8 am UK time and at 15.00 CEST/ 2 PM UK time. In these sessions, you can get coached on your individual challenges and brainstorm together with your coach (Sanne) and the others about the best possible way forward. You can also bring any question related to the breakthrough scholar process and I will help you gain clarity on what to do next. 

During the 9 weeks, we will alternate between the live group coaching session and the drop-in coaching sessions. 

Bonus masterclasses (pre-recorded)

  • Strategic planning for breakthrough masterclass: Align your activities and publication pipeline 

    • Effective and sustainable ways of planning and prioritizing

    • Aligning all your activities to your academic profile 

    • Create a publication pipeline


  • Breakthrough visibility masterclass: Stop hiding and communicate with power​

    • Hiding ‘strategies’

    • Communicating with power 

    • Networking and creating your own opportunities 


  • 'Say no' masterclass: ‘Say no’ to busywork and 'yes' to breakthrough and boundaries

    • Why women often find it hard to ‘say no’ (you are not alone!)

    • the biggest difference between ‘yes tasks’ and ‘no tasks’ 

    • the strategies for saying no and keeping boundaries

Exclusive community website

All recordings of the live group coaching, drop-in sessions, and bonus masterclasses will be shared on the community website. Here you can find all the material as well as interact directly with the other participants similar to in a Facebook group. The community website is accessible on the desktops or you can bring it along 'on the go' via the app. The community website is a big part of the community element and offers the opportunity to ask questions, get them answered, and share experiences. On the community website, you will also get access to the "Big Careers without the Tears" recordings and material. 

All material is available for the lifetime of the program and a minimum of 1 year. 


Hi, I am Sanne Frandsen
... I am your coach

I am excited to be working with you! It is important to me...

  •  to create a program that can create lasting change

  • to help you break through unproductive patterns that keep you stuck 

  • to facilitate a supportive environment where we learn together and it is okay to be both brilliant and imperfect 

  • to provide advice based on my own lived experience as an academic and expertise as a woman-centered coach 

  • to support mid-career, female academics live their best academic life

  • to have fun and inspire and be inspired by other like-minded women like YOU! 

What is group coaching? 'The Breakthrough Scholar' is a group coaching program for an intimate group of people, who meet regularly to support each other. It is a closed, exclusive group with the same members meeting each time.


What happens at the meetings? The LIVE group coaching sessions are structured in a specific way, where I guide you through a process by asking questions for journaling and sharing your insights along the way. Because it is an intimate group you will benefit from hearing other like-minded female academics share their experiences. The drop-in coaching sessions are an opportunity to get tailor-made advice to you from me as your coach and from the other participants. 

 Do I need to participate live? What if I am not available for a session? You don't have to participate in all the live sessions. Everything is recorded, so if you miss a session you can always catch up at a later time. With the live coaching sessions, you will also receive a workbook, which makes it easier to do the work on your own should you miss a call. It is designed in a way, where you can participate at your own pace for most of the time, yet still get live support and feedback in the drop-in coaching sessions. 

How much time does it take? We meet once every week for 60-90 minutes on Zoom. I know this is a time investment when you are a busy academic but throughout the group coaching program you will be able to make fundamental changes in how you approach your work and you will start saying yes to the right things - and no to the rest - in other words, spend your time wisely. See the dates and times for the group coaching program below. Think of the program as a first step in living up to your new mantra “I serve, I deserve”


I am a mid-career, female academic, why should I join? You are probably already well advanced in time management and making smart decisions when it comes to your work. Still, it may feel like you are stuck in invisible patterns in a way where you backslide and can't make the changes you know you need to achieve a sustainable, enjoyable, and impactful academic life. 

'The breakthrough scholar' is a safe space and proven, research-based process to work through the challenges and create new opportunities on your terms as a female academic. This enables you to move forward instead of feeling stuck. 

'The breakthrough scholar' combines group coaching, community, support, brainstorming, and peer accountability.

What is the research behind the program? I work with a proven, research-based process that is informed by the foundations of Woman-Centered Coaching designed by Ph.D. Claire Zammit who is among the leading experts in the world on coaching women.


How do you facilitate a trusting and supportive environment? A group coaching program like “The Breakthrough Scholar" is an intimate cohort where we interact in a much smaller group than through an online course. This means that you will get to know other cool and wise mid-career female academics, like yourself. It also means that you will get my personalized advice and coaching tailored to your particular situation. As always, I will design the live sessions in a way where we engage with coaching questions through journaling and those who want to are welcome to share. This has worked really well before. The drop-in coaching sessions are more of a sharing and brainstorming session, which means that we will inspire and be inspired by each other. You are of course not asked to be vulnerable if you don’t want to. I of course encourage confidentiality for all participants.


How about confidentiality? What is shared in the group, stays in the group. 

How is a group coaching program different from individual coaching? Individual coaching is a conversation between you and the coach. In a group coaching session, you get some guidance from the coach as well as receiving input from the other amazing group members. Think of it as an explosion of ideas, experiences, knowledge, and solutions.


The Breakthrough Scholar

9 week group coaching program

  • Members: Small group of mid-career, female academics

  • Live group coaching sessions: Five live sessions of 90 minutes.

  • Drop-in coaching sessions: Eight 60-minute drop-in coaching sessions for tailored guidance.

  • Access to an exclusive community website for 'the breakthrough scholar' participants. 

  • Workbooks with journaling questions for each module.

  • Accessibility to all material either via computer or mobile app.

  • Access to all material from "Big Careers without the Tears"

  • Three bonus masterclasses: 

    • ​Strategic planning for breakthrough masterclass: Align your activities and publication pipeline 

    • Breakthrough visibility masterclass: Stop hiding and communicate with power​

    • 'Say no' masterclass: ‘Say no’ to busywork and 'yes' to breakthrough and boundaries​

Normal Price: 695 EUR 
Birthday bundle: 395 EUR 🎉

Dates 2024

Module 1: Inner mentor’s guide to your leap-vision 

Wednesday 9th of October: 90-minute Live group coaching session at 15:00 CEST/2 PM UK time. 

Wednesday 16th of October: 60-minute drop-in coaching session at 9.00 CEST/8 AM UK time & at 15.00 CEST/2 PM UK time. 


Friday the 18th of October: Strategic planning for breakthrough masterclass, pre-recorded masterclass accessible at 12.00 CEST/ 11 AM UK time  

Module 2: Identifying the inner barriers that are keeping you stuck 

Wednesday 23rd of October: 90-minute Live group coaching session at 15:00 CEST/2 PM UK time. 

Wednesday the 30th of October: No drop-in sessions this week, instead the task is to do self-observation in preparation for the next module.

Module 3: The most dominant inner barriers among female academics 

Wednesday the 6th of November: 90-minute Live group coaching session at 15:00 CEST/2 PM UK time.  

Wednesday the 13 of November:  60-minute drop-in coaching session at 9.00 CEST/8 AM UK time & at 15.00 CEST/2 PM UK time. 


Friday the 15th of November: Break through visibility masterclass, pre-recorded masterclass accessible at 12.00 CEST/ 11 AM UK time  

Module 4: The secrets to breaking through your inner barriers

Wednesday the 20th of November: 90-minute Live group coaching session at 15:00 CEST/2 PM UK time.  

Wednesday the 27th of November: 60-minute drop-in coaching session at 9.00 CEST/8 AM UK time & at 15.00 CEST/2 PM UK time. 


Friday the 29th of November: 'Say no' masterclass, pre-recorded masterclass accessible at 12.00 CEST/ 11 AM UK time 

Module 5: Mapping the growth pathways and support to leap forward

 Wednesday the 4th of December: 90-minute Live group coaching session at 15:00 CEST/2 PM UK time.  

Wednesday the 12th of December: 60-minute drop-in coaching session at 9.00 CEST/8 AM UK time & at 15.00 CEST/2 PM UK time. 

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