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Sanne Frandsen Bio

Who am I? 

I am a researcher of organization, management, and communication. I am a writer of publications on identity, image, and brands. I am a critical thinker attempting to understand organizations and change them for the better. 

Organizations dominate our lives in today's modern society as they significantly influence the way we work, interact, understand ourselves, and live our lives. I believe it is important to conduct critical research, which contributes with up-close and in-depth studies of organizations. 


In my work,  I ask questions and seek answers. I study organizations in times of change, with a particular interest in the dynamics between "who we are" and "who others think we are". Our identities as individuals and as organizations have an immense influence on how we make sense of our working lives and overcome the hardship we may face. 

I am rooted in research traditions within critical management and organizational communication. I use narrative and ethnographic methods to observe, interview, research and collaborate.

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