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The Breakthrough Club

Exclusive mastermind club for post-tenure women in academia

  • The Breakthrough Club

    Every month
    Monthly payment for 4 months
    Valid for 4 months
  • The Breakthrough Club

    Valid for 4 months

Join the Breakthrough Club

Who is The Breakthrough Club for: Only for you who have completed “The Breakthrough Scholar” group coaching. 

The purpose of The Breakthrough Club: The purpose is to integrate learnings from “The Breakthrough Scholar” group coaching program and provide ongoing support in achieving the changes you want to see in your work. There are no new lessons, but we will talk about what we have learned in the group coaching program and how it can be applied in everyday life situations. The Breakthrough Club combines community, support, brainstorming, and coaching in one. 

What do we do in The Breakthrough Club: We meet once a month for 90-120 minutes. The meetings are structured in a specific way, where each member, in turn, takes “the hot seat” and lays out a problem or challenge they would like help with from the mastermind group. The other members share their own (similar) experiences and brainstorm on different ways to solve the problem.


​How is The Breakthrough Club different from individual coaching? Individual coaching is a conversation between you and me as a coach. In ‘The Breakthrough Club’ you get input from every group member and the coach. An explosion of ideas, experiences, knowledge, and solutions.

What is Sanne Frandsen's role in the club? I will facilitate the meetings ensuring that everyone gets their spot in the hot seat and everyone gets to discuss their problem. I will listen, and provide input and feedback along with the rest of the group members based on my knowledge and experience. ​

What is my commitment to the club? When you sign up, you commit to participating in all meetings.

When are the meetings? We meet on Wednesdays for 90 minutes - 2 hours at 12.00 CET/11.00 am UK time

28th of August (instead of 4th of September)

9th of October

6th of November

4th of December


BONUS: 1 hour of individual coaching (1:1 with Sanne)


2025 Price: 159 Euro pr. month

2025 Price: 599 Euro for 4 months 


50% discount for the first cohort in 2024 (YOU!)

2024 Price: 79 Euro pr. month for 4 months.

2024 Price 299 Euro for 4 months


Hi, I am Sanne Frandsen
... I am your coach

I am happy to see many of you in 'The Breakthrough Club" and look forward to providing support and encouragement in integrating your learnings and sustaining the breakthrough you have started. 🧡

With love/ Sanne🙏🏻

Dates 2024
The Breakthrough Club

#1: 28th of August (instead of 4th of September)

#2: 9th of October

#3:6th of November

#4: 4th of December

Meeting time: Wednesday

12.00 CET/11 AM UK TIME

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