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When and how to 'say no' at work - without feeling guilty

Hey female academics! Want more time to work on your research? Or to live your life? In this 90 minute workshop I will teach you the exact steps to knowing when and how to ‘say no’ to the tasks that eat up your time at work  - without feeling guilty.

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Join me for 90 minute workshop and I’ll help you to…

A few of the topics we’ll cover…

  • research insights on why women often find it hard to ‘say no’  (you are not alone!)

  • the biggest difference between ‘yes tasks’ and ‘no tasks’ 

  • the reasons why ‘saying no’ is key to solving work/work or work/life imbalance

  • the strategies to becoming a kick ass no-say by changing your mindset, behavior and environment 

  • the #1 thing to keep in mind when you do say ‘yes’ 

  • Q&A answers to real work situations, when it is most difficult to 'say no'. 

  • BONUS: my go-to template for writing a ‘no thank you’ email

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