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Your inner mentor's path to 2024 fulfillment

Hey female academics! Do you want 2024 to be different than 2023? Do you want to experience work in a way that is meaningful, exciting, fun, productive, and less stressful? I will teach you the most important first steps to making changes in the new year - guided by your 'inner mentor'. 







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Who is your inner mentor? 

I was first introduced to my inner mentor a few years ago by Tara Mohr. At first it felt a bit too woo-woo, but I soon got over my first hesitation and began to listen to what my inner mentor had to tell me. 


The inner mentor is your future self 20 years older than you are today. And what I have learned is that looking at the present from the viewpoint of your future self holds significant transformational potential. I would like to share this experience with other female academics, so I welcome all to a guided visualization and reflective journaling session in this upcoming workshop to kick off 2024. 

The new year is typically a season for making resolutions, crafting strategies and plans for being more productive and effective in our work. While this is valuable, I wanted to create a different workshop with a more profound approach to growth both professionally and personally. 

The inner mentor speaks to our feminine self, the powerful, wiser self who is intuitive, creative, and gentle. And while New Year's resolutions often result in unfulfilled promises and crushed plans, the inner mentor will guide you… and me… and us to a more meaningful and sustainable 2024 in a way that moves beyond traditional goal setting. 


Your inner mentor is helpful in


  • finding new directions and ideas 

  • making decision in difficult situations

  • surpassing insecurity and move forward with confidence 

  • becoming less stressed and think from a place of calmness

  • stimulating our creativity and imagination 

  • honoring what is important to you

Join me for the 75 minute workshop and I’ll help you to…

About me

My name is Sanne Frandsen

I am your host! I am an associate professor at Lund University and work as a coach for female academics as a side passion. I have helped many women in academia replace self-doubt, self-critic, rejection, and setbacks with excitement, joy, meaning - and of course productivity. I am participating in Tara Mohr’s facilitator training program, Tara is the founder of “The inner mentor” visualization. My work is also informed by the Foundations of Woman Centered Coaching by Claire Zammit.

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