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 Interview with Ana Pineda from "I focus and write"

Woman-centered productivity shifts for female academics

I know many female academics struggle to find the time to do it all - and especially to do their writing and conduct their research.  

Yet, many productivity hacks, tips and ideas in academia are developed by and for men. Lately, I have become more interested in woman-centered forms of planning for productivity and wellbeing in academia. I think we need a different way of thinking about our time that breaks away from the myths of linear progression and instead take the cyclical nature of our energy levels and body into consideration. Agree?


Not too long ago I signed up for an online writing retreat with Ana Pineda from “I focus and write” to find the energy to finish a paper. Ana Pineda is a productivity coach for academics, yoga teacher, scientist – and a fantastic human being who always show up with great energy. As we got talking, I learned that she too was interested in managing energy in a self-caring manner that sustains our focus and supports our writing.

And she is on mission like no one else: "Building a happier, more creative and productive life for scientists and their institutions". 🧡

To learn more, I have invited Ana Pineda for an interview about how we as female academics can shift our mindset from (desperately) finding time to do it all to sustaining our energy to do what is most important. As always, I am interested in learning ways to do more with less. Perhaps you are too?


If you are a female academic and want to get the recording of the interview, you just enter your details below. 


With love, Sanne 🙏🏻


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