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Brilliant careers
without the fears

For brilliant and imperfect post-tenure women in academia 

Join the Leap group coaching program
if you feel.... 

  • I struggle to create a meaningful and sustainable academic life

  • I try to take my ideas to the next level, but I am stuck in procrastination and perfectionism 

  • I lack direction and a clear academic profile to make the impact I want

  • I struggle to confidently communicate who I am and build the network I need

  • I need more time to write for publications and grant applications because I am always busy doing #allthethings


Hi, I am Sanne Frandsen
... I am your coach

Give me 7 weeks and I will take you from stuck and frustrated to trailblazing and joyful. My coaching is informed by the Woman Centered Coaching principles, which are  based on Dr. Claire Zammit's research on the inner barriers that often holds back women from achieving the life they dream of, whether that is a leap upward in their career, a leap towards more influence and thought leadership or a leap towards a worklife that is more creative and meaningful. 

Inner barriers are often invisible barriers to ourselves, so though we make attempts to leap forward we will find ourselves stuck in old stories and unproductive patters of feeling "I'm invisible", "I'm not enough" or "I'm alone". 

As an experienced coach for female academics, I have successful coached women to overcome their inner barriers, quieting their inner critic and create a worklife that filled with joy, meaning, creatively and productivity. 

What is the Leap program? The Leap program is a group coaching program for post-tenure women meet once a week for 7 weeks.   It is a closed, exclusive group with the same few members meeting each time. I coach you through the steps of identifying and breaking through your inner barriers, and together we take the first steps on the growth path towards the post-tenure academic life of you dreams.  


What happens at the meetings?  We meeting live and each meeting is a blend between insightful teaching, powerful questions, time to reflect, lazer coaching and group support. 

How much time does it take? We meet once every week for 2-2,5 hours on Zoom. I know this is a time investment when you are a busy academic but consider all the time you will save when you learn get unstuck and use the time you have in a much more efficient way aligned with your priorities and values. If you can't make one week, the sessions will be recorded and you can watch them in your own time. See dates and time for the sessions below.


I am a post-tenure female academic, why should I join? You are only 7 weeks away from creating the academic worklife you have always dreamed of. Working in academia is tough and we often try on own to become a success and make research that matters. Along the way we, however, face not only the glass ceiling of the patriarchal institution we are part but also our own inner glass ceiling that keeps us stuck. The Leap program offers the coaching, resources and support you need to leap towards more impact, more meaning and more joy. The Leap program combines community, support, coaching, education and peer-accountability.

How can I be sure to be in a group of like minded people? The Leap program is for post-tenure women who struggles with the same barriers as you do. 


How about confidentiality? Every members will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. What is shared in the group, stays in the group. 

How is a group coaching different from individual coaching? Individual coaching it is a conversation between you and me as the coach. In the Leap group coaching program you still get to have conversations with me as a coach and in addition the ideas, experiences and knowledge of the group, which makes the coaching experience much more rich and powerful.

What is Sanne Frandsen's role in the Leap program? I have design the 7 week program to take you through a process of breakthrough in an intense but relatively short period. I coach you as a group by sharing models, questions, research insights and ideas to propel you forward and enable you to get unstuck in the old, invisible patters that is holding you back. 

What is my commitment to the mastermind? When you sign-up you commit to participating is as many sessions as possible. Should you be unavailable one day, then you are able to watch the recording. There will be a few homework sessions, but nothing more that 30 min per week. 

How the Leap program works

The Leap Group Coaching Program

Session 1: Use you inner mentor to develop your leap-vision (and growth mindset) 


Session 2: Create your academic profile aligned with your zone of genious


Session 3: Identifying your inner, invisible barriers keeping you stuck


Session 4: Studying the patterns of “I’m invisible, “I’m not enough”, “I’m alone” and other identity stories that keeps women in academia stuck. 


Session 5: Break through your inner barriers 


Session 6: Mapping the growth pathways and support to leap forward


Session 7: Success is in the follow-up 


Bonus Workshops #1: Map your publication pipeline 

Bonus Workshops #2: Create sustainable writing practices. 

Bonus Workshop # 3: Enhance your visibility and communicate your research

Bonus Workshop #4: Working during perimenopause and menopause 

Price: 1995 Euro

Dates 2023
Leap program 

#1: 6th of February

#2: 13th of February

#3: 20th of February

#4: 27th of February

Bonus workshops releash: 29th of February 

#5: 5th of March

#6: 12th of March

#7: 17th of March

Meeting time: Tuesdays 19.00-21.00 CET (Copenhagen time)

Produktive kvinder

I want to know more!

Please fill out the form below and we'll discuss whether the mastermind is right for you in a 30 minute discovery call.

Yeah! I am glad your are interested in the Next Level Career Mastermind. I will be in touch to set up a meeting time for the discovery call.

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