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Plan your summer writing - WORKSHOP

Get your writing done so you can have a relaxing summer.

Time: Friday May 5th, 2023

14.30 Copenhagen Time.

Place: Zoom


  • When to write: Take advantage of your flow time! Write more in less time.

  • What to write: Prioritize your writing projects to avoid overwhelm and gain clarity.

  • How to write (a lot): Ignite your creative juices to keep momentum.  

  • Q&A: Pick my brain

Yes, I am in (and I want the recording!) 

Thank you! I have received your contact details and I have sent you the link to the summer writing planning workshop. Check your inbox.
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Summer writing

I have learned that there are many ways to spend the summer as an academic. Some spend it on vacation, some are going to conferences, some collect data – and some are doubling down to finally do some writing on their research. Most do a combination.


If writing is part of your plans for the coming months then join me for this summer writing workshop, where we make strategic priorities, schedule our writing time and do an action plan so that you can enjoy the summer in a relaxed state of mind, body, and spirit.


Getting writing done is important. Getting writing done so you also have time to rest before the semester starts in September is even more important.

Sign-up for the workshop live. If you can’t make it - still sign-up to get the recording of the workshop. Then you can watch it at your own time.

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