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When and how to 'say no' at work - without feeling guilty

Hey female academics! Want more time to work on your research? Or to live your life? I will teach you exactly when and how to ‘say no’ to the tasks that eat up your time at work  - without feeling guilty.


I know. You say yes too often because you are concerned. Concerned that if you 'say no' you are likely to upset someone. Or put an extra burden on your colleague. Or fail the community. Or miss out on an opportunity. But it will be okay. You can 'say no' and still maintain your good relationships and achieve your goals - without burning out. 

Join me for 60 minute workshop and I’ll help you to…

Get a sneak peek of the workshop
You can watch the introduction here ... 


A few of the topics we’ll cover…

  • research insights on why women often find it hard to ‘say no’  (you are not alone!)

  • the biggest difference between ‘yes tasks’ and ‘no tasks’ 

  • the reasons why ‘saying no’ is key to solving work/work or work/life imbalance

  • the strategies to becoming a kick-ass no sayer by changing your mindset, behavior and environment 

  • the #1 thing to keep in mind when you do say ‘yes’ 

  • Q&A to real work situations, when it is most difficult to 'say no'

  • BONUS: my go-to template for writing a ‘no thank you’ email

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